Things you should never eat or drink before a workout

Things you should never eat or drink before a workout

Nia Bennett | Nov, 14 2018

Some days working up the motivation to workout can be tough, but what do you do when you have mustered the willpower to drag yourself into the gym and halfway through the exercise you start feeling your energy levels drop?
If this has happened to you and to avoid this from happening, read through our guide of foods to completely avoid before any exercise.
Although drinking alcohol, eating heavy meals, binging on cakes are a complete no-no before any exercise; you will be shocked to learn that there are healthier options that are equally disruptive. Eating the wrong type of food will slow you down during a workout, so it is vital to be aware of your food choices to have a high energy workout.

Avoid raw greens

Greens are absolutely vital for our body, healthy mind and glowing skin but eating them raw in a salad, especially as a pre-workout meal or snack is a total no-no. Most green vegetables are high in fibre but this also makes it difficult to digest before a long cardio session.
We love our green veggies, so if you are just as obsessed as us, make sure it is finely chopped and cooked and consumed as a post-workout salad. If you love your greens, the best option is to juice it with water and add some fruit like orange, grapes or strawberries for nutrition and energy boost.

Flavoured drinks

In general sweetened drinks are not good for your body, no matter how much the TV advert says so.
There is a common myth that energy drinks and high sugar fruit juices pump you up for a workout but this is a total no-no especially before a workout.
High sugar energy drinks endorsed for fitness do nothing for your body, they might give you a quick high and good feeling but halfway through a rigorous workout, you will also feel your energy and sugar levels drop. The most ideal way to stay in shape is to keep your hydration high and nothing beats the power of water.
Instead of drinking artificially sweetened drinks, add more flavour to water with fresh fruits. This is a natural way to relax your muscles and keep you going during a workout.


It is a paradox that nuts are fatty, but they are loaded with all the good fats that will help you stay in shape.
Make it a habit to include a handful of nuts like walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews into your everyday diet. However, you should completely skip flavoured, spiced or honey roasted nuts. Flavoured nuts are high in salt and sugar which will make you feel faint or cause dehydration during a workout.


Beans are an exceptional source of fibre and make a great addition to a healthy salad or soup, but they also make you feel full - so if you would like to avoid the heavy feeling skip eating beans before your workout.
However, adding beans to your post-workout salad will keep you full and load you up with rich nutrients and antioxidants which are essential for a healthy body.


Dairy contains proteins and carbohydrates but it also takes a longer time to digest. This is the number one reason to avoid drinking a glass of milk before a workout.
You can also choose lactose-free options like soy, cashew, almond or oat milk. The reason why milk is a major post-workout drink is that they fuel the body with carbohydrates that will help your body heal. Drinking milk thirty minutes after a workout keeps you full for longer and reduces any impulse cravings.

Spicy food

After a busy day, it might seem appetising to snack on a bag of crisps, have a curry or eat a slice of pizza but indulging in “feel good” food will not help you during a rigorous workout.

Spicy or fattening food is bound to race your heartbeat, make you sweaty and uncomfortable during exercise. Instead, it is essential to eat foods that will fuel your body with energy to push yourself during a workout. So it always mandatory to eat a lighter meal before a workout.
Eating healthier options like a ripe banana, oats, a handful of nuts or a healthy 'easy to digest' smoothie will fuel you with energy to push yourself and produce best results during a workout.