Five smart ways to get your five a day

Five smart ways to get your five a day

Nia Bennett | Nov, 27 2018

I am in a constant struggle to remind myself to have my five a day. With busy schedules, I bet trying to remind yourself to have five fruits a day can be a challenge set to fail. Also, it opens up a whole challenge of portions: how much should of a fruit should you be eating so you don’t overdo on sugar every day. These are frequent questions that have hurt my brain to the brim and I have just about figured the right way to ensure I am eating my five fruits a day. So here are my tips which will definitely make this an easy task for you.

Breakfast on the go

I used to be notorious at eating breakfast but since I’ve started breakfast on the go, not only have I learnt to be kind to my body and mind, but I have also been able to maintain the five a day. Some great breakfast on the go ideas can be grabbing a fruit like an apple, banana or a handful of strawberries but if you have a bit more time you can add fruits and nuts to your porridge or top them up a toast and make a fruit toastie.

Juice them

This is such a great way to ensure you have enough fruits and vegetables in your daily routine. Most people tend to overdo by adding too many fruits into their daily juice which can significantly increase sugar dosage for the day, to avoid this add a balance of vegetables. You can try the same thing for smoothies. Trying this way of adding more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet can help you can balance your taste buds with half and half of both.

Nice cream

This is my favourite especially on the dark grim days when you crave sugar or something sweets. Nice creams are a great alternative to ice creams, you can blend your favourite fruits and vegetables and freeze them. So on those cold days or dull days, which we seldom get in the UK, pulling out a nice cream from the fridge is my highlight. In fact, I often eat these couple of times a week and go on feeling guilt free because everything I eat comes from natural sugar and vegetables. So I highly recommend you try these.

Salads/lunch box

Who says salads have to be boring. I am a regular at packing lunch boxes which range from salads, stir-fries to sandwiches, not only does this help me budget my spending but it also allows me to add more tasty food and vegetables in my diet without trying hard, that it becomes a habit.

Dry fruits

If you are lucky enough to live in tropical weather you could try drying fruits and vegetables or else a great option is to either make a batch of kale, beetroot, sweet potato chips or just doggy bag a small portion of figs, prunes and nuts in a small bag for every day of the week.

There are some fruits that are especially high in sugar, especially mangoes, bananas, pomegranates and grapes but as long as you eat them by only eating a portion that fits within your palm, that will help you with portion control. The same applies to high sugar dried fruits like figs, dates, apricots and prunes.

Being a little organised can be tough in the beginning, but these simple steps will help you and your loved ones live a longer, healthier life.