Why chlorella is good for you - health benefits and natural release from anxiety

Why chlorella is good for you - health benefits and natural release from anxiety

Nia Bennett | Nov, 8 2018

4.5 billion years ago existed a power-packed freshwater plant, Chlorella, which still remains to be the unsurpassed source of modern day’s quintessential superfood.

Origin of Chlorella  - humanity’s living source of nutrition

With the invention of the microscope came the discovery of these single-cell algae which is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen when gathered together in large quantities. The name Chlorella comes from its high chlorophyll content. Infact it is the only plant on our planet that the highest chlorophyll properties. Sized between 3 to 8m, this miracle algae is nature’s godsend. With the discovery of its anti-cancer properties and cell renewal attributes, it is also a popular choice by NASA as a space food which is a powerhouse of nutrients in small doses.

Thanks to organic farming, Chlorella is introduced around the globe for its medicinal purposes and high nutritional value.

So once you understand the full plethora of benefits of this algae, you would wonder how your life ever existed without relying on this super plant to enhance and replenish your health, body, skin and mind.

How to rescue your body and health benefits of Chlorella

Our body and skin are constantly abused with junk food, pollution, lack of adequate supply of vitamins and minerals, injection of toxic chemicals and pesticides that makes its way through the clothes we wear, the air we breathe, liquids and food consumed and our surrounding immediate and beyond.  

Even the mercury fillings in your teeth could release mercury into your body with every bite of food you take!

If that was not enough, our current stress-filled lifestyle drowned in digital screens and smartphones has a way of pushing stress into our system. This is where the proper understanding of natural remedy like Chlorella can really make a difference.

Chlorella reproduces at an astounding rate and hence it’s nature’s perfect explanation of how it survived without any problem throughout the last billion years.

Inside each Chlorella lies a Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). Researchers suggest that CGF takes place when chlorella undergoes photosynthesis for rapid growth.  It is mixed with bioavailable nucleotides and peptides so the power for cell growth and new DNA can occur when our body consumes chlorella.

Cell repair and anti ageing

CGF provides nucleic acids within our body and a good dosage of nucleic acids has cell protective properties which help to support our overall health. Usually, our body absorbs and uses nucleic acid compounds directly. But with consumption of Chlorella and CGF within it, the energy within our body is saved. So we shelter our own cellular nucleic acids, and your cells can function efficiently. So in theory regular usage of Chlorella can repair our skin and increase our lifespan.

Detox, raise immunity and keeping diseases at bay

When Chlorella flows into our body, its natural action will bind it to the chemicals and pesticides found in our digestive tract, it then tracks down the toxic properties within our bloodstream and eliminates them, making it a natural source for detoxification.

This rich green algae also supplies our body with abundant nutrition in the form of through vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, all of which is a prerequisite and a daily necessity which allows our body to thrive in our fast-paced world. A regular dosage of this superfood can balance your body's pH, improve your immune system, normalise blood pressure and keep you healthy and energetic.

Stress reduction and natural release from anxiety

Anxiety is a reaction to stress. Often anxiety disorders and panic attacks affect our body’s response and the mechanism to deal with pressure and stress. Chlorella is a natural ingredient that can help diminish anxiety because of its power-packed properties and volume of vitamins and minerals. In severe cases of anxiety and if you’re under medical supervision, its best to consult a doctor before adding any healthy supplement into your diet.

Ultimately nature always offers us insights and remedies for all the challenges we face in our daily routine in the form of plants like Chlorella which helps us find more balance in our staggering routines.