How to make paneer - Indian cottage cheese Recipe

Ready to eat: 30 min
Nia Bennett | Aug, 28 2018

This fresh and home made paneer is really tasty but also incredibly easy to make. To make this paneer cheese at home, all you need is two simple ingredients: whole milk and lemon.

So now you can make delicious paneer in the comfort of your house in under 30 minutes, it is effortless to make, really soft and addictive. Sure you can buy paneer cheese in the store but this recipe is freshly made at home, creamier, tastier and can be used to create a variety of Indian snacks, curries and salads.

Equipment Needed


Strainer or colander

Mixing bowl


A heavy weighted utensil


Serves: 4

  • 2 litres whole milk (8 cups)
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice or vinegar
  • Salt to taste


Prep: 1 min > Cook: 29 min > Ready to eat: 30 min

  1. Turn the flame on low and now add the lemon juice. Keep stirring and at this point the milk should begin to curdle immediately, but if it’s taking longer just slowly add in a teaspoon and keep stirring.
  2. This could take between five to ten minutes and once the liquids start separating it should look creamy yellow.
  3. Now place a strainer over a mixing bowl and line it with a cheesecloth. Carefully pour the curds into the strainer, letting the whey collect in the bowl beneath. Make sure you gently squeeze the curds and remove the excess whey. The quickly soak it in icy cold water to stop the cheese from cooking a
  4. After soaking it in cold water, drain the excess liquid by squeezing the water from the cloth.
  5. Use a strainer and place the curds in the cheesecloth and press them against it, then place a large dinner plate and then add a weighted kitchen utensil like a mortar and let it sit for an hour or two.
  6. Now the paneer is ready and can be cut into chunks to be used in a curry or salad. You can also refrigerate this and use this within two days. Although paneer stored in a fridge overnight will be firmer.

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